New Beauty: 10 Volumizing Products Stylists Love for Limp Strands

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With an exception for chocolate (and maybe red wine!), there’s really nothing better than a fresh and bouncy blowout, especially since it’s one timeless style you can wear for days and days.

However, there’s no denying that any decent blowout can lose volume pretty quickly, as pollution, sweat, and buildup can take a toll on your strands, making them appear limp and lifeless until your next shampoo. Sigh.

With that said, it’s probably a good idea to rev up your haircare arsenal with some volumizing beauty buys that can provide lift and keep your style looking fresh. And while a body-boosting hairspray does fit nicely into this equation, you’ll love to know there are shampoo, mousse, and cream-based products on the market that can make your strands look a lot fuller with each use.

To keep those good hair days lasting a lot longer, we tapped six hairstylists to break down the ten best volumizing products of all time. From texturizing powder to volumizing hair mist, below are some stylist-approved essentials to add to your shopping cart stat!

Fitzsimons also recommends using this texturizing mist whenever you want to create stunning textured looks (or sexy blowouts!) as he explains that it provides lift and adequate heat protection, without drowning the hair in the unnecessary buildup.

“Whenever I’m creating a piecey texture look that I want to amp up a bit, this is my go-to spray,” he explains. “I love using this after I’ve fully styled the hair to provide some light hold, and some voluminous oomph.”

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