Perfect Hairstyles For In-Between Washes


As much as we love clean, delicious-smelling locks, we don’t always have the time or energy to wash our hair every day. And the truth is that over-washing can come with a whole host of issues (ie: frizz, stripping of healthy oils, etc.). But that doesn’t mean we need to walk around with hair that looks dull and oily—it’s time to get a little creative. Here’s our shortlist of easy, go-to hairstyles when we’re a day or two sans shampoo. 

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The Wet-Look Chignon

A messy low bun is sleek, chic, and always in style. Make it work for unwashed hair by going for a modern wet look. Pro tip: Instead of using gel to slick hair back, opt for a moisturizing treatment that will do some serious good at the same time.

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Beach Waves

One of the secrets to sexy beach waves is actually starting with dirty hair. Unwashed hair holds shape better, so reach for that large barrel curling iron, some texturizing spray, and get to work.

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Half-Up, Half-Down

If your ends are still fresh, a half-up ponytail or top knot makes for a fun and flirty look, plus it gives those roots an instant lift helping them look less greasy.  

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Add An Accessory….Or Three 

This is the perfect time to let accessories do the heavy lifting. Turbans, wide headbands, a mix of barrettes and clips—they’re all great options for disguising dirty hair while also making a fashionable statement.

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The High Pony

This is probably the easiest fix for a greasy mane. Just apply some dry shampoo at the root to absorb oil and add volume, then make the perfect ponytail at the crown of the head. 

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All Tied Up

Braids are ideal for masking next-day hair, especially when your ends are looking a bit messy. Go boho with a pretty side-swept version. 





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