Ready For Fall? Here’s How To Prep Your Hair For Cooler Weather


Switch up your routine for fall and treat damage with our Repair Collection.


If you’re serious about keeping your hair healthy and easy-to-style until the new year, pretending it’s still summer won’t do it any good. With dropping temperatures and drier air, now's the time to change up your routine to prevent pesky cold-weather hair issues like hair shedding, breakage, color fading, and static. Here’s how to switch up your hair routine to make the best of fall.


Trim Split Ends

The best way to kickstart your best fall hair is with a haircut. Even if you don’t want to shorten things up, your stylist can get rid of any of the strands that were damaged in the summer heat. A trim will promote new hair growth, prevent tangles and frizz, and make your hair look and feel softer.


Switch To A Repairing Shampoo

We like to keep things light and shiny in the summer, but the fall calls for something a little more nourishing to help your hair grow strong and nourished. Swap your current shampoo out for something like our Perfect Repair Shampoo. It’s lightweight, strengthens weak strands, and keeps your color vibrant.


Brush Off Static

As crazy as it sounds, the right hairbrush can do your hair more good than any product will. Depending on your hair type, you want something that can distribute your natural oils and that won’t cause friction that’ll lead to static. If you can, swap your plastic brush out for a wood or natural-bristled one to reduce static or spray it with Shine Oil Mist before your brush.


Add Volume

Although we’re mostly happy to say goodbye to summertime humidity and frizz, dry air means less natural volume. Keep your hair held high and prep your style with our Volume Blowout Jelly. Before you blow dry, work the jelly into your hair starting at the root. It not only enhances lift and ensures a salon-quality blowout, it protects your hair from thermal damage. 

Condition, Condition, Condition

Too much moisture can weigh your hair down in the heat of summer, but in fall daily damage-repair is the key to keeping your hair soft. Boost the effects of your daily conditioner with our Repair Leave-In Treatment. It’s a nutrient rich, reparative leave-in foam with Vegan Smart Keratin technology and smoothing Cupuacu butter to conditions and protects. The best part? It contains lightweight oils that add a protective luster for next-level shine.



Also, because this is 2020 and you’re probably working from home, use a hair mask! Our Repair Treatment Masque restores dull hair from scalp to strand so when you finally do get to attend that special event, your hair will look like it did before you met heat tools and bleach. Happy fall! 


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