Sakura Season feat. our Perfect Volume Collection


As Japanese Cherry Blossom season comes to a close, we wanted to share the incredible benefits these blooms can have for your hair! We’ve harnessed their power in our Perfect Volume Collection, featuring moisturizing Sakura (cherry blossom) extract, which makes it incredibly easy to get your dream volume from home.

Here are 3 simple steps to a volume-boosting routine that will make your hair blossom: 

It all starts in the shower
Your shampoo and conditioner are important when working towards volume.
Prepping your hair beginning with the care process sets the right foundation to
build upon. Our Perfect Volume Shampoo and Conditioner are enhanced with rice
protein and work together to increase body from the start.
Build up your blowout
Now that your hair is primed, it’s time to make the blowout count. While some styling products can weigh hair down and make it greasy, our Volume Blowout Jelly uses apple stem cells to deliver lift that lasts, while also protecting from heat and color fading. Meet your new secret weapon in the fight for volume.

Finish off strong
Adding texture is an instant way to make hair bigger (curly hair is voluminous because it’s highly textured). Our Perfect Volume Texture Mist is the final phase in stepping up your hair game. This fine mist uses protein-rich plant extracts to breathe life into flat hair and give it that fresh-from-the-salon finish. Not only will your locks have lots of body, but they’ll smell amazing, too.


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