The Perfect Travel Sets to Carry With You While Traveling This Summer

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Summer is right around the corner and your trip to your dream resort or favorite beach is finally in sight. While vacations and a break from your normal day-to-day life is relaxing, a less enjoyable part of traveling is packing – specifically your hair and beauty products. Packing too much or too little is a constant thought, and when you get to your destination, you realize you forgot something or end up not using half of what you brought. It’s something that gets most of us during our traveling days, but luckily for you, our Perfect Travel Sets are essential to bring with you on all that you have planned this summer.


Perfect Shine Travel Set


Looking forward to lounging on the beach all day with your favorite book in tow? We don’t blame you! Basking in the sun all day is something we all deserve – but so is having shiny, healthy hair. 


After a long day in the sun on your tropical vacation, your hair needs a little pick-me-up. After swimming in the ocean and relaxing in the sand, the Perfect Shine Travel Se will give your hair the shine it’s longing for.


The set features a travel size Shine Oil Mist, Shine Scalp Scrub, Smooth Blowout Lotion, and our Bamboo Treatment Comb. Your NatureLab Tokyo essentials to reduce frizz and promote enhanced shine – nourishing your precious locks throughout your entire vacation. 


At least once on your trip, treat your scalp to the Shine Scalp Scrub. Our Perfect Shine Scalp Scrub is a 2-in-1 foaming shampoo and exfoliator designed to remove dirt, buildup and oil from your scalp. The sugar crystals moisturize and deep clean, creating the optimal environment for healthy hair growth. Scrub on damp hair from scalp to ends in circular motion while you’re in the shower and then rinse.


The comb will detangle your hair with ease and has a massaging effect for increased circulation and a healthy scalp. 


Before blow-drying your hair, apply the Smooth Blowout Lotion for smooth strands. If you have some fly aways, apply a pea size amount to your hair to tame them. The Shine Oil Mist will give your hair a mirror-like shine. Spray on dry hair before your dinner at the resort you’re staying at for gorgeous-looking hair. 



Perfect Texture Travel Set


Designed for the curly or wavy haired girls who tend to travel with a little more product to ensure their locks are maintained, the Perfect Texture Travel Set is just that for you – perfect. Travel with this set to ease your mind and know that your hair will be loved and tamed throughout the entirety of your trip. 


During your stay at the beach, create perfect, moisture balanced texture with the Perfect Texture Wave Cream, Curl Cream, Smooth Hair Oil, and our Bamboo Treatment Comb. 


Comb your damp hair with the Bamboo Comb to detangle or comb downward for a little extra volume. 


The Wave Cream is perfect for your post-shower hair care and will enhance the beach waves you’ve formed from the ocean. Add a quarter-sized amount and from the root down, work the cream in your damp hair. Gently scrunch and shape your curls or waves as desired. The Curl Cream’s lightweight formula perfectly styles hair by holding curls in place. Ensure you work from the crown down for best results! 


Don’t forget to finish off your hair care routine by applying a pea sized amount of the Smooth Hair Oil to the ends of your hair, keeping it smooth and shiny all day long! 


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