3 Steps to Repair Dehydrated Hair

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Does your hair look dull and feel rough? Do you notice that your hair feels really dry after washing it? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, your hair is most likely dehydrated.

If you’re still not sure if your hair is dehydrated, test it! Take one strand of wet hair from your head, pinch each end with your fingers, and then gently pull at the strand. Notice if that strand of hair stretches out and returns to its original length OR if it stretches out but doesn't return. If it doesn't return, your hair is dehydrated. 

While it varies from person to person, there are a few ways to tell if your hair is hydrated. Hydrated strands look and feel soft, have shine to it, are easy to style, and experience very minimal breakage. Our textured hair girls will notice their strands are a little more stretchy and flexible if their hair is properly hydrated and retains moisture. Those with straighter hair will notice their hydrated strands appear shiny and have a gorgeous flow to them.

On the other hand, dehydrated hair simply means that there is a lack of moisture distributed throughout the strands. The good news is we can help you get that moisture back! Water is an essential key nutrient for your entire body, including your hair. Meaning when there is a lack of it, your hair won’t be able to retain any of that water or moisture it needs to be hydrated and healthy. A common cause for this is the majority of the well-known and widely distributed hair styling products which absorb moisture and actually strip away your hair's natural oils. This emphasizes the importance of using QUALITY hair products that focus on managing and retaining moisture in your hair while also working to repair dehydrated hair.

Dealing with dehydrated hair and desperately want to revive it? Don’t panic! NatureLab Tokyo has a various array of products that can be implemented into your hair care ritual to revitalize, restore, and replenish damaged hair from the scalp to the strands!


Step 1: Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner

Boosting your hair's hydration is key to revitalizing your dehydrated hair. Our Perfect Repair Shampoo and Conditioner is a wonderful duo to repair and revitalize your hair. It’s made with our botanical technology of bamboo extract, smart keratin, argan oil, and prickly pear oil. 

Their green tea and cypress scents are addicting and will allow you to feel refreshed and relaxed after your wash routine. The gentle shampoo and restorative conditioner are designed to replenish moisture, repair damage, and protect against any future breakage. After a few uses, you’ll notice your hair will look and feel hydrated!

How to Use: Gently apply the shampoo from your scalp to your ends. Rinse. Then, lather up your strands with the conditioner and let your hair soak up the moisture for up to three minutes. Rinse and follow through with the rest of your hair care ritual.


Step 2: Use a Hair Masque 

Our Perfect Repair Treatment Masque is a sure way to deeply condition your dehydrated hair and restore your dull hair from scalp to strands after one use. Its lightweight formula will efficiently coat your hair with promised results and a luxurious scent.

How to Use: Apply the masque on wet hair, working your way up from the ends to the strands, and leave it in for 3-5 minutes. Then, thoroughly rinse the product out for visibly improved and hydrated hair. Use it once a week for best results.


Step 3: Use a Leave-In Treatment

Our dreamy Perfect Repair Leave-In Treatment is a nutrient rich, reparative leave-in foam for dry and damaged hair. It will restore and condition your hair with just a few pumps of the product. Its gorgeous scent is a perfect match to its salon-like results and is made with a unique blend of rich oils and vegan keratin that will provide you with long-lasting results.

How to use: Apply 2-3 pumps of the foam to your towel-dried hair. Then, blow dry and style your hair to your preference! 


Lastly, to ensure your hair doesn't go back to being damaged, being consistent with using your hydrating products is important. Straying away from excess heat and using products that may harm your hair will only delay your journey and progression to having hydrated hair. While you will see results by following the 3 steps above, make sure you continue with the haircare regimen weekly to allow your hair to progress further and shine continuously with healthy hydration.


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