Trending Bobs for 2022

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2022’s in full swing. And we’ve got our fingers crossed that we’ll be doing far more socializing this year than we did last year. Which means we need our hair to be on-point and ready to make an impact. There are several great hair trends taking over this year, but one that’s definitely at the top of the list is the bob. That’s right, short is back and better than ever. In addition to being far easier to maintain, this style is also so versatile. Here’s a list of all the ways to keep your hair short and sweet (and on trend) in 2022. 

Photo credit: @riawna

The Blunt Textured Bob

This one’s for all of you that are looking for ways to make your hair look thicker. Blunt ends and a little bend go a long way in creating perfect volume. 


Photo credit: @gabunion

The Bixie

We love this bob-pixie hybrid style! A short cut with a little extra length at the top, this one’s so fresh and fun. 

Photo credit: @hungvanngo

The Sliced Bob

This style is bringing back that ‘90s vibe. Sleek and chic is the name of the game here, and it looks great with both a sleek middle part or deep side part. 


Photo credit: @bobbyeliot

The Banged Bob

Bangs and bobs come together for the win. We love the proportions of this look, with a pretty flipped under bob and dramatic full bang. 

Photo credit: @sarahkstylistmt

The New Triangle Bob

A style that proves curly girls can also enjoy a good bob. This fresh, modern cut delivers volume in all the right places and offers a great face-framing shape.

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