Why you should ditch sulfates and parabens in your haircare

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Over the years Clean Beauty has become increasingly popular (rightfully so) but what exactly does Clean Beauty mean, and why is it important? We’re here to break it down and share why you should make the switch!

The Basics: So where to start? It’s probably important to first understand that “Clean Beauty” doesn’t quite have a hard and fast definition. What do we mean by that exactly? Because clean beauty can’t be definitively classified, any brand can technically make clean claims. Yucky, we know, but we’re hear to un-muddy the waters on what these claims mean for us!

No Animal Testing: All NatureLab products are never animal tested--we believe that animal testing is cruel and unacceptable and honestly just so last decade. We have made a conscientious effort to comply with other safe and certified methods of testing that never have to compromise the lives and wellbeing of our fluffy counterparts. This is partly the benefit of using so many ingredients that are natural! They’re simple and known to be safe, so we can keep animals safe too.

Sulfate-free: Sulfates are surfactants-- the molecules that do all the hard work in cleaning products. Great for your bathrooms, not so great for your hair. Some people have even reported sulfates as being irritating and drying to the hair and scalp. Studies also show that sulfates might be harmful to marine life (after shampoo has been washed out of your hair and goes down the drain)! So how do we get around this? It’s important to get a deep clean, and who doesn’t love a good lather? Well, instead of using a sulfate as the surfactant in NatureLab shampoos, we use a natural Argan surfactant that has every bit the ability to clean, but with less potential to irritate.

Paraben-free: Parabens are often used in beauty products as a preservative, so products won’t go bad. That’s fine right? Well, we guess that depends on who you ask. Parabens have weak estrogenic activity, meaning that they can act similarly to the human hormone estrogen, and while research is still underway on how parabens affect human health, studies have shown that there is definite potential for harm. That was enough for us to say, “Maybe not!”. NatureLab Tokyo proudly excludes parabens from all of our haircare and stylers.

Phthalate-free: Last but certainly not least are Phthalates. Phthalates are commonly used in soft and flexible plastics and in beauty products as a preservative too. Unfortunately, they are often associated with an increased risk of conditions such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, and breast cancer. While phthalates are so common that it’s almost impossible to avoid them completely, reducing your exposure to them is still important-- and one way you can do that is by avoiding any beauty products with phthalates in them! All NatureLab products are formulated without phthalates. 

Ready to make the switch to clean shampoo and conditioner? Check out NatureLab.com for our amazing options that only contain ingredients that are great for you and your hair!

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