Your questions about conditioner, answered

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1. Where should I apply conditioner?

The purpose of conditioner is to help make your hair look and feel healthier, so make sure to apply it to areas of your hair that receive stress-- like hair accessories or heat styling! For example, if you straighten your hair often, you’re applying heat to strands from root to tip, so you’ll want to apply conditioner all over your hair, and if you put your hair in a ponytail often, be sure to apply conditioner to the part of your hair where your ponytail holder is.

2. Should I avoid applying conditioner on/near my scalp?

It’s a common myth that applying conditioner to the scalp is always going to cause buildup and weigh your hair down, but that isn’t always true! NatureLab conditioners are formulated with plant stem cells to improve scalp health for healthier hair-- so don’t be afraid to use them on your scalp! Additionally, if you have a drier scalp, conditioners formulated with hydrating oils can be super beneficial to nourish and give your scalp some much-needed moisture.

3. Can conditioner actually repair split ends?

We all know how much softer and smoother our hair feels after putting in conditioner and rinsing it out-- but unfortunately, conditioner can’t repair split ends. However, they can help prevent the wear and tear that eventually leads to split ends and breakage-- so be sure to use them every time you wash your hair, especially if you have color treated or damaged hair!


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4. How long should I leave my conditioner on for?

Conditioner magically makes hair feel softer and smoother instantly after you apply it, but to benefit the most from your conditioner, be sure to let it sit for a few minutes! Conditioner ingredients like oils and proteins need a little bit of time to fully penetrate strands of hair, and be sure to spend time properly distributing it throughout your hair so each strand gets the moisturization it needs.

5. Do I have to rinse my hair with cold water?

Standing in a cold shower isn’t fun-- especially in the colder months! Don’t worry-- there’s no need to rinse out your hair in cold water. There’s no solid proof that rinsing your hair with cold water will do anything different for your hair than warm water-- in fact, some experts say that using cold water could cause minerals in the water to remain on your hair, making it look duller.

6. Can I use a conditioner if I have thin hair?

If you have thin hair, you’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t use conditioner because it will weigh your hair down and make it appear even thinner. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? We’re here to tell you not to be afraid of conditioner-- properly nourishing your strands can actually make hair appear fuller and thicker! Conditioners like NatureLab Volume Conditioner contain proteins to give hair more lift and thickness, as well as plant stem cells for scalp health to promote healthy new growth.

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