Best Easy Hairstyles For Zoom Meetings


Steal these styles to look your best with less effort this year

Not having to go in to work every day seems like a solid excuse to skip styling or even washing your hair, and it is! But you can still look and feel your best without all the effort. And for now, video conferencing isn’t going anywhere.  Whether you’re presenting to clients, checking in with your boss, or virtually hanging out with co-workers, try one of these easy, Zoom-friendly hairstyles. They’ll keep your hair healthy and make it look like you woke up and showed up in front of the camera with a purpose. Don’t worry, you can still wear sweatpants.

Try Heatless Waves
As much as we want you to look and feel your best in front of the camera, there’s no reason to dry out your hair with hot tools. Instead, secure damp hair into twisted buns or braids and let it dry overnight. In the morning, release and finish with a texturizing spray to enhance volume. You might never go back to your curling iron.

Go Simple With A Sleek Low Bun
Having a late morning? A low bun is easy, doesn’t require clean hair, and is a great way to frame your face over a grainy video. Gather your hair and tie it loosely at the back with a scrunchie, hair ring, or even a silk scarf. Add subtle shine and make your color pop with our pearl-infused Perfect Shine Oil Mist.

Get Creative With Braids
Braids are a great way to tame wild hair or sneak in a leave-in treatment like our Repair Leave-In Treatment or Repair Treatment Masque. No one will notice! Also, this is a great style to transition from work to workout. There are so may ways to get creative with this look and since your mostly stuck at home anyways, why not try something new? 

Re-invent Your Top Knot
Top knots have long been the go-to hairstyle for unwashed hair, but you can have more fun with them over video. Add a little spark by braiding you bun, adding extensions or glitter, or only pulling your hair half-up. Finish with our Smooth Hair Oil to tame flyaways, repair hair, and catch the light.

Double Your Volume
Since it’s no longer the 80’s, there’s only so much volume you can get away with in a professional setting. Over video, however, all bets are off! Super high hair won’t come across as stiff or overdone on a video chat so chanel your inner diva and go for it. Dry Shampoo and hair spray will do the trick in a pinch, but we love a bouncy blowout any day of the week—as long your use heat protection!

When In Doubt, Accessorize
There isn’t a lot you can do with clothes and shoes on Zoom, so to switch up your style, invest in a fancy hair clip, a new pair of earrings or silk scarf with a fun pattern. Headbands are even having a moment! Don’t be afraid to let your hair steal the show.

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