Perfect Smooth

With a frizz-fighting shampoo, calming conditioner, smoothing balm, and luxurious hair oil, the Perfect Smooth Collection is infused with yuzu ceramide & exotic oils to gently cleanse and tame unruly hair. Serious smoothers only.

Perfect Repair

This collection includes a gentle shampoo, restorative conditioner and lush treatment masque that have been designed to replenish moisture, repair damaged hair, and protect against future breakage. Bonus: they also combat color fade.

Perfect Shine

Want radiant, looking-glass-levels of shine? Start with the Perfect Shine daily detox shampoo, weightless conditioner and absolute-wow shine mist to gently remove product build-up and add immense shine. Awesome side effects include unclogged follicles.

Perfect Volume

Big, bouncy, beautiful hair is achieved with Perfect Volume. Our lift-loving volumizing shampoo and full body conditioner do you right before product that protects (our blowout lotion) and finish (the texture mist). Your inner vamp awaits.