Trending Hair Care for 2022

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We love staying on top of the latest trends in hair. And 2022 has some interesting things happening. Overall, a movement towards clean and natural (with some science in the mix) seems to be the theme—really taking care of our hair (and scalp) in the best ways possible. Here are some of the top trends we’re seeing coming down the pipeline. 

Seasonal hair care

We know the temperature changes with the seasons, but oftentimes forget that these changes have an effect on our hair. So it’s actually quite important to care for our hair differently as the seasons change. For example, hair needs more hydration in the winter when dry air wreaks havoc, while using lighter products in the summer is helpful when heat and sweating can weigh hair down and cause it to become oily. 

Antibacterial products

We don’t think about it regularly (although the pandemic may have changed our view on this), but our fingers can house a whole host of bacteria. And on average we tend to touch our hair over 40 times a day. You can do the math here, but basically we’re allowing our hair and scalp to come in contact with bacteria, viruses and other particles on the regular. Enter antibacterial hair care. While it’s still in the beginning stages, more and more companies are experimenting with products that help fight against bacteria and viruses by utilizing antimicrobial disinfecting agents. 

Increased focus on the scalp

As an integral factor in the health of our hair, the scalp is finally getting the attention it deserves. Scrubs and scalp treatments help with everything from hair loss and dandruff to oily scalp and overall hair health. It’s always best to start at the root of the problem, and the scalp is often that place. 

Scientific hair care

Hair care and skin care have started to overlap and will continue to a greater extent this year. This is leading to an emergence of science-first treatments that target specific hair and scalp issues. Think platelet-rich plasma injections to improve hair loss, utilizing supplements to increase hair health, and Botox on the scalp for sweaty scalps.

Keeping it natural

Low-maintenance has taken the lead in the last year and there’s no sign of it stopping. Natural texture is being embraced, air-drying is popular as a way to cut down on damage, and natural, plant-based products are taking center stage. 

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