About Us

Rosa Takagi was on a quest to create the most effective natural beauty products in the world. She also demanded that they be clean and affordable. To do that, she drew upon time-tested Japanese beauty rituals and worked to elevate them with the latest scientific technology. The result is NatureLab’s Perfect Haircare.



Inspired to achieve perfect harmony between traditional Japanese beauty rituals and future-forward clean technology, founder Rosa Tagaki set out to create a curated line of innovative haircare, formulated on the premise that healthy hair starts at the scalp. Bringing together the brightest brains in clean beauty, Rosa’s team of scientists and cosmetic chemists harnessed breakthrough botanical technology to unlock active, nutrient-rich plant stem cells proven to repair and maintain scalp health, improve follicle strength and promote growth at the cellular level. Stem cells from apple, bamboo, argan and grape are uniquely paired with pearl extract, quinoa protein, and other naturally-derived ingredients to deliver targeted, clinically proven results, including improved shine, texture and volume. Introducing NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Haircare, nature’s ultimate haircare hack.



Botanical Technology

It was once believed that our genetics controlled our destiny. But advances in clean technology offer us another reality. Botanical scientists have identified the promise of everlasting hair health lives in the stem cells of plants. In clinical studies, these cells have been shown to promote tissue repair, cellular regeneration and regrowth.   

NatureLab has made headway in botanical technology for haircare by sourcing the most potent plants, isolating and concentrating their active nutrient-rich stem cells, and infusing them into a clean, performance-driven formulas. The result: nature’s ultimate haircare hack.


Powerful Plant Protection

Nature is inherently intelligent, never to be outsmarted.  But with our breakthrough clean technology, we can optimize nature’s potency and extend its lifespan, giving our formulas a head start in clean performance.  

Natural surfactants from argan provide deep conditioning lather without the use of harsh surfactants. 

Silk extracts form a natural, heat-resistant shield over the hair shaft to protect it from thermal damage.

Algae extracts deliver UV protection, shielding hair from color-fading light. 

All NatureLab products are free of harsh Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, Gluten, Mineral Oil and other harsh chemicals that not only damage hair, but the environment. No animal derived ingredients are used, and our products are never animal tested. NatureLab products that go beyond the elimination of ingredients that damage to actually containing ingredients that visibly improve the health of your hair.



A new frontier in sustainability is ahead. Today, we have access to emerging active ingredients that are safe, clean and environmentally friendly, naturally and continuously sourced without dependence on exploited land, animals or climatic conditions. Less water is consumed, less waste is created and, get this, it’s more cost-effective.

Now that’s what we call innovation. And it’s the DNA of NatureLab.

Leading the botanical technology revolution, NatureLab infuses pure, potent, stable stem cells into performance-driven, plant-based formulas that have been clinically proven to improve shine, strength and elasticity while reducing breakage, split ends and frizz.  It’s never been easier to hack your perfect hair day.