Botanical Stem Cells: Why You Want Them In Your Hair Care

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Botanical Stem Cells. They’re the things we keep hearing beauty brands talk about, but what are they, really? Well they’re super important and we’re here to break it down. 

So, what are stem cells?

Stem cells are the special little cells in plants (and humans and animals) that have the ability to repair and renew damaged tissues. Plants are able to withstand and thrive with changes in their environments all thanks to these guys! As unique as this is to nature, we worked hard to crack the code and infuse that same natural technology into your haircare. That’s right, we’ve harnessed the power of botanical stem cells and used them to produce some of the most advanced and effective ingredients on the market!  

How we use stem cells:

We’ve determined the most potent plants to deliver the best benefits for your hair, and foraged the cream of the crop. In our labs, we harness the power of these plants–– taking them from their natural state to the botanical stem cells in our products!

Each plant’s stem cells deliver unique properties for the health of your hair:



Reduce premature hair loss.



Promote healthy new growth.



Stimulate your hair follicles.



Prevent oxidative damage to your scalp.

And if all of this information didn’t have you sold already, they’re also full of antioxidants––one of the best tools to combat oxidative stress caused by the pesky free radicals that we face daily.

The bottom line–– a healthy scalp equals healthy hair. We believe in going beyond the surface and striving to maintain optimal levels of strength at your roots. Let botanical stem cells do the heavy lifting and help to give you the beautiful mane you deserve today. 

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