Celebrating Sakura Season

Posted by Khallisa Budhwani on

Photo credit: iamafoodblog.com

It’s that time of year again—Japanese cherry blossom season. The trees are starting to dot themselves with buds that will turn into a lush landscape of ethereal blooms. The whole experience is breathtaking and something we highly recommend to experience for yourself. But these blossoms are more than just beautiful, they also have incredible benefits for your hair. They were a big inspiration in the creation of our Perfect Volume Collection and we’ve incorporated moisturizing Sakura (cherry blossom) extract into the full line of products. And did we mention the intoxicating scent? Here’s a little rundown off our favorite volume-boosting routine that delivers more perfect hair days than we can count. 


The Ingredients

Our Perfect Volume Collection is all about using botanical technology and the power of plants to get the best results. Here are a few that make these products so powerful:

Apple Stem Cells - for a balanced, healthy scalp.

Rice Protein - for building volume, adding weightless moisture, and improving the overall appearance of fine, thin hair. 

Soy Protein - for strengthening and restoring hair’s natural thickness by reducing breakage. 

Sakura Extract - for enhancing color protection and brightness, and increasing moisture. 


The Routine

  1. A strong foundation starts in the shower. Our Perfect Volume Shampoo and Conditioner work together to increase body from the very beginning. 
  2. Once you’ve cleansed and conditioned, it’s on to the blowout. There’s always that fine balance of adding volume without weighing hair down–enter our Perfect Volume Blowout Jelly. It delivers lift, without making hair greasy, while also protecting from heat and color fading. Basically, it’s the MVP of blowout products. 
  3. And finally, top things off with our Perfect Volume Texture Mist for that extra bit of bounce with staying power. 

The Results

You’ll get beautiful volume and a healthy scalp, too! Plus, that light floral scent of sakura will stick with you all day long.