Are your products organic?


Do your products contain Parabens or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate?


Are your products gluten free?

We work with our suppliers to ensure all products are made free of Gluten. However due to the nature of manufacturing trace amounts of gluten may be found in formulations that share equipment with gluten based products.

Are your products vegan?

Yes. See the list below:


Are your products vegetarian?

Yes. See the list below:


Are your products free of Sulfates and why?

Yes. NatureLab Perfect Haircare is free of sulfates (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate). Sulfates are known to be harsh and drying to the hair and skin.

Are your products free of Parabens and why?

Yes. Parabens are known to disrupt hormone levels and have been linked to breast cancer and birth defects.

Are your products free of Phthalates and why?

Yes. Phthalates are known to pose an environmental hazard capable of affecting human development and fertility. They are also linked to certain types of cancer.

Are your products color safe?

Yes. All of our products are not only safe for color-treated hair but are actually fortified with color protecting ingredients.

Are your products free of silicones and why?

Some of our Treatment products utilize lightweight silicones to tame frizz.

What is the shelf life of your products?

A minimum of two years when stored at room temperature and tightly sealed in between applications.

Are your products GMO-free?

We work with our suppliers to ensure all products are made free of GMOs.

Are your products tested on Animals?

No. Our products are certified cruelty free by PETA.

Is this safe for color treated hair?

Yes, all products are formulated to be safe for color treated hair.

Is this safe to use during pregnancy?

For specific concerns we recommend that you speak with your primary care physician.

Is this safe to use for babies and children?

For specific concerns we recommend that you speak with your primary care physician.

Is this product too harsh for sensitive skin/scalp?

No, we use very gentle surfactants that are safe for the most sensitive scalps.

I have fine hair, will this product weigh it down?


What product do you recommend for thick, curly hair?

We recommend the Smooth line to add moisture and liveliness for curls and to tame any frizz or flyaways. If you are looking for more fullness in your hair, we recommend the Volume line.

Is this product PH balanced?

Yes, all product have a pH between 5 - 7.

I have allergies, can I use this product?

For specific concerns we recommend that you speak with your primary care physician.

My bottle looks like it’s missing some product, but there’s no spillage in the shipping box!

Some of our product formulas, like those of the Volume Blowout Jelly and Smooth Blowout Lotion, require some air to be left in the bottle. The product should be at about the level where the bottle reads “color + heat protectant.” Don’t worry, we never sell used products!


What forms of payments do you accept?

PayPal, Amazon Payments, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover

What about volume or wholesale orders?

Please contact us at

Can I return or exchange my products?

Yes. Please contact us at so that we may assist you with your return or exchange.

How many times can I submit a product review for a discount?

Currently you can submit one review per product per year to receive a discount.

Why isn’t my discount code working?

The code for 15% off your first order is not valid for gift sets or travel-sized products, as these products are already sold at a discounted price (don’t forget, gift sets come with an additional full-size shampoo for free!). Unfortunately, discount codes will not work on orders containing subscription products. Some codes (including 15% off your first order and 20% after leaving a review) can only be used once per customer. If you’re having a different problem with a discount code, please contact us at!


What is your estimated delivery time?

Delivery times range from 3-10 days, depending on when you order and where it is being delivered to.

What if I need to edit or update my shipping address?

Please contact us immediately at: to catch your order before it ships!

How do I get tracking #?

Your tracking # can be found in your Shipping Confirmation email or log into your account to view your order details. If you have any additional questions, comments or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at:

Can I return or exhange my products?

Yes! Please contact us at so one of our agents can help you with your order return or exchange.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we only ship outside of U.S. to Canada for a flat fee of $20 which includes Shipping, Duties and Taxes. You can also find our products on Amazon and at which offers free international shipping on all orders over £40.

My order was marked as delivered, but it’s not here!

We suggest checking with any neighbors or your mail room (if applicable) to see if anyone received your package by mistake, or contacting the shipping service for your package (USPS, FedEx, UPS). Occasionally, orders are marked as delivered but are actually delivered a day later, and the shipping provider will have more information for you since NatureLab does not have control over orders once they are in transit. If you are unable to resolve a delivery issue with the shipping provider, please contact us!

Why isn’t free shipping working?

Free shipping will automatically appear as an option for orders over $35. If you have a discount code, your cart total must be $35 or over AFTER the discount is applied in order for free shipping to appear. Only one coupon code can be used per order, so if you have a discount code applied, you will not be able to also enter a code for free shipping, and vice versa. At this time we are unable to offer free shipping to Canada. If your cart total is over $35 and you are still experiencing problems with free shipping, please contact us at!


Where is product made?

Our products are produced in Japan.

Where is your company located?

Our American office is located in West Hollywood, CA.

Do you have a physical store?

Not yet...

Is ordering online secure?

Yes, we use SSL protocols.

What is the best way of contact for customer support?

Contact us at: