10 Simple and Affordable Ideas for an Easter Care Package

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Easter is right around the corner, and if you're looking for a zero-contact way to spread a little cheer to loved ones this season, a thoughtful alternative to an in-person gathering is a hand curated self-care themed package.

1. Bath Bomb: What better way to relax than taking a good soak and throwing in a fizzy, scented bath bomb? Sometimes a simple luxury goes a long way. LUSH has been leading the bath bomb game, and we love that they’re a fellow cruelty free brand!

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2. Face Roller and Guasha Tool: Rose is the new black. Face rollers and Guasha are widely regarded as being great for increasing circulation to the face and promoting lymphatic drainage. They can even help moisturizer better penetrate the skin.

3. Hydrating hair oil: For the friend in your life who decided to box dye her hair (or is thinking about it) our favorite multi-tasking, Smooth Hair Oil can be a total lifesaver. Whether you’re trying to do a little repair, or taking a proactive hair-health stance, there’s always room for a little extra hydration. Our oil can be used on damp hair as a moisturizing agent, or on dry hair as a finishing step to prevent flyaways! It also protects hair from the effects of heat damage. 

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4. Reparative Hair Mask: Is ‘hair mask and chill’ considered an American past-time? We sure think so! Anyone in your life can benefit from our Perfect Repair Treatment Masque ($16), with moisturizing oils and keratin to strengthen hair. Even better: the masque takes just five minutes to work it’s magic on hair that needs a little TLC! 


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5. Soy Candles: Spending more time at home means we’re all welcoming the idea of a little added ambience, and candles are a great way to do just that! However, not all candles are created equal–– Soy candles are vegan, non-toxic, and more eco- friendly than traditional candles. The soy candles from eco-friendly cleaning brand Mrs. Meyers smell amazing and come in a cute, reusable glass jar! 

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6. Vegan Candies: Sweet tooth, but make it eco-conscious. Everyone’s looking for a little sweet treat on Easter and what better way to lift spirits than with a delicious dose of vegan candies! With vegan options being more plentiful than ever, you can opt to gift your loved ones all of the goodness, with none of the guilt.

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7. Velvet Scrunchies: I think we can all agree that the ponytail is having a moment. Traditional hair elastics can be rough on hair, and over time, they can cause breakage from the tension! Scrunchies are great for alleviating tension on pulled back hair! They’re also soft and chic while still managing to keep hair in place!  

8. Blowout Lotion: Give the gift of a salon quality style. Their Zoom meeting has a beauty filter, but a little extra help won’t hurt, right? The way to take your at-home blowouts to the next level truly begins with great hair prep. Our Perfect Smooth Blowout Lotion with yuzu ceramides helps strands lie flat and silky, while also protecting from heat.

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9. Organic Nail Polish: There’s nothing better than a hands-on gift. A chic organic nail polish is the perfect pampering treat for your fav fashionista.

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10. Microfiber Towel: Wet hair, don’t care! Well, sort of. We know that wet hair needs gentle treatment because it’s more prone to breakage, so it can actually be a great idea to upgrade your friend or family member’s hair drying routine with a soft, microfiber towel. This post-shower hack is a great way to dry strands without breakage! This affordable find from Amazon is made from bamboo viscose, which is absorbent, odor-free, and eco-friendly!

Lastly, you’ll want to package your items in a box you already have lying around the house (because, sustainability of course). Finish with some twine and a handwritten note or polaroid, and your Easter care package is ready to ship!

For more great gift ideas and cruelty free haircare and stylers, head to NatureLab.com to shop our site! 

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