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Saisei Biomimetic Peptide Treatment Essence

Strands feel thicker, fuller, and stronger with visibly restored natural pigment in just 3 months.

Our daily scalp essence combats visible signs of aging like graying and thinning (and can help delay gray onset).

  • Stimulates melanin production to help restore natural hair color
  • Promotes healthier hair growth and helps improve overall hair health 
  • Supports visibly thicker, denser hair
  • Soothes the scalp and helps strengthen the hair to reduce fall out
  • Helps combat damage from environmental stress and UV exposure
  • Helps boost cell renewal

Hair in the beginning to moderate stages of the graying or thinning processes.

All hair textures.

Formulated to be fragrance-free.



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Saisei Biomimetic Peptide Treatment Essence

Key Features
  • Lightweight enough for daily use, even on no-wash days
  • Absorbs quickly into the scalp
  • Provides a cooling, soothing effect
  • Can be used to help delay gray onset
Formulated Without

Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Over 1,300 ingredients that are banned in the EU, Animal Testing, Silicone, Animal Derived Ingredients.

Why Did We Make This? 

With more and more environmental stressors pervading our lives, many people are seeing their hair start to gray and thin earlier than ever. These effects of oxidative stress can not only affect one’s appearance and confidence, but it’s also an issue of hair health when strands become thinner, drier, and more brittle than before. Covering up grays with color treatments is not only time-consuming and expensive, but it can also damage and weaken hair even further. 

Inspired by the four distinct seasons in Japan and the ongoing cycle of rebirth in nature, we strived to find a way to achieve hair’s own rebirth: to return to its healthiest, liveliest season of growth via simple at-home treatment. Our research and development team spent 12 years perfecting the science of this formula, sourcing efficacious ingredients and processing techniques from Japan and around the world. By analyzing existing functions in nature and harnessing the power of peptides and potent botanicals, we created a proprietary formula to promote follicle renewal for restored color and a return to lively, youthful hair. Like new seeds sprouting in spring, strands emerge stronger, fuller, and more vibrant so that your confidence can bloom with ease.

Tell Me More
What Is It?

Return to you with our daily scalp essence that combats the root causes of visible signs of aging in our hair, such as graying and thinning. Our team spent 12 years developing the perfect blend of biomimetic peptides and botanicals to revitalize hair from the root. Paired with red clover flower extract, these key peptides combine forces to protect follicles and stimulate melanin production, supporting thicker and fuller strands while working to restore hair’s natural pigment and defend against oxidation. The lightweight formula also soothes and improves scalp health to help strengthen hair and create an optimal environment for healthier growth. With consistent use, Saisei’s results are clinically proven to be seen in as little as 3 months.

What Does It Do?

Stress and time are your hair’s biggest enemies. Saisei combats both.

Thicker, Fuller Looking Hair

Our biomimetic peptides help anchor the hair fiber into the scalp which can strengthen strands and target the causes of hair loss. When used with red clover extract, it revitalizes hair follicles, can improve blood circulation, and help nourish and oxygenate the roots, which can increase the thickness, volume and strength of hair. 78%* agreed that the Saisei Collection helps visibly improve hair density and that hair looks and feels thicker after 90 days of use.

Restores Hair’s Natural Pigment

The natural color of our hair comes from melanin in the hair bulb, where new hair cells are formed. As we encounter age or stress, the melanin in our hair gets depleted, and the pigment in our hair starts to fade. It’s possible to slow down and counter this process by stimulating the production of melanin as well as reducing the effects of oxidative stress that affect melanin accumulation. The specific sequences in our curated biomimetic peptides promote the migration and accumulation of melanin in the bulb, which helps restore pigment at the root as hair grows. Pairing the peptides with nutrient-rich red clover and rosebay extracts has a synergistic effect that helps enhance melanin production, accumulation, and protection while promoting overall scalp health and fuller-feeling, revitalized strands. Supercharged antioxidants from apple extract also help with maintaining hair’s natural pigmentation and thickness.

Protects From Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress occurs when reactive oxygen species, or free radicals, outnumber the body’s natural defense mechanisms and progressively cause cell damage. This imbalance grows larger with age, as the body’s production of free radicals increases and its defense mechanisms decrease. The damage of cellular structures, including lipids and proteins, can be pivotal in visible signs of hair aging such as graying, thinning, changes in texture, and slower growth. Ingredients rich in antioxidants and with strengthening properties, including bamboo extract, black spruce bark extract, and alpine rose extract, can help protect hair from endogenous free radical damage and environmental stressors.

Scalp Health

Scalp health is essential for healthy hair, and an imbalanced scalp that isn’t well cared for often leads to other issues like irritation, dryness, and excessive oiliness. Keeping the scalp hydrated and maintaining the skin barrier are key ways to aid protecting the scalp from irritation and support an optimal environment for healthier hair growth. Rosebay extract, a plant that is able to regrow and thrive even in areas affected by wildfires, helps soothe the scalp along with apple extract. Anti-inflammatory and vitamin-rich seaweed extract and algae extract help add and retain moisture.


Return to you

After showering, towel-dry hair and apply the treatment essence directly to the scalp.

Massage in and do not rinse out.

Reapply treatment essence on no-wash days to return natural thickness, color, and vibrancy.

For best results, use daily.


Biomimetic Peptides

Supports melanin production to help restore natural hair color while also promoting greater strength, thickness, and fullness for strands.

Rosebay Extract

(Defenscalp) Helps soothe the scalp for a healthier scalp microbiome. Extracted from rosebay willow herb, which regrows quickly even in areas affected by forest fires.

Red Clover Extract

(5% Capixyl) A rich source of nutrients and isoflavones that can support fuller hair. When paired with certain biomimetic peptides, it can help revitalize hair follicles for stronger, thicker feeling hair.

Thicker, Fuller Looking Hair in 90 Days

78% agreed that Saisei helps visibly improve hair density and that hair looks and feels thicker after 90 days of use.

DAY 30

Hair feels silkier, stronger, and fuller.
Scalp feels healthier.


DAY 60

Grays appear darker.
Natural hair color looks more vibrant.
Hair feels thicker + reduced shedding.


DAY 90

Grays are visibly toned down.
Roots grow in visibly darker.
Hair feels noticeably thicker and fuller.


I have a sensitive scalp, so sometimes I have issues when trying a new product, but not with this. Now, my scalp feels better and my hair feels stronger, softer, healthier, and less gray. It works! It’s not only me – my stylist also noticed that my new growth looks healthier. I enjoy my hair now, and I’m happier.


I never had thick hair before, but this actually made my hair feel fuller. A few months ago my hair was shorter, at my ears, and now it’s already past my shoulders, which is much faster than usual for me. My favorite part about this product is that it’s so easy to use - there’s almost no maintenance.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the Saisei Essence?

water, alcohol, butylene glycol, glycerin, malus domestica fruit cell culture extract, epilobium angustifolium flower/leaf/stem extract, phyllostachys pubescens meristem cell lysate, acetyl tetrapeptide-3, trifolium pratense (clover) flower extract, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-20, trifluoroacetyl tripeptide-2, glutamic acid, sodium pca, picea mariana bark extract, eisenia arborea extract, porphyra yezoensis extract, rhododendron ferrugineum leaf cell culture extract, isomalt, argania spinosa kernel oil, sclerocarya birrea seed oil, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, dextran, menthol, acrylates/c10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, xanthan gum, polysorbate 20, lecithin, peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil, sodium hydroxide, lactic acid, sodium metabisulfite, tetrasodium etidronate, etidronic acid, phenoxyethanol

Does this work on color-treated hair? Can I use this product and still regularly dye my hair?

Results from the Saisei Collection will be most noticeable on hair that has not recently been color-treated, so we do not recommend continuing to dye your hair while using Saisei. Please keep in mind that the collection was not designed to be used on continuously color-treated hair.

I recently colored my roots. Should I wait to start using the essence until my roots start to show?

The essence can be applied right away so that its benefits can start to take effect sooner. However, results will be most noticeable on hair that has not recently been color-treated.

I use a root cover-up spray in between colors. Can I use the essence before I apply the spray?

We recommend using the essence as the first step before any styling products. Please keep in mind that it was not designed to be used on continuously color-treated hair.

Is it okay to use on dry hair or will it leave a residue/feel greasy?

The essence has a lightweight watery texture, so it does not have a greasy feeling or leave residue. It can be used on dry hair and on no-wash days.

I use dry shampoo, can I use this before or after applying dry shampoo?

Since this essence absorbs into the scalp, for maximum efficacy we recommend applying the essence as the first step before other styling products.

Can it be used on eyebrows?

Yes, the essence can be used on eyebrows. Please be careful to avoid contact with eyes, and if contact occurs, rinse well with water.

How well does this work in conjunction with other hair products? What can be used together?

This essence can be easily incorporated into your existing hair care routine with a variety of products. We recommend using the essence with any of our Shampoo and Conditioners.

Is this product pregnancy/postpartum safe?

This product can be used during pregnancy or postpartum. For specific concerns, please speak with your primary care physician before using.

Will the essence leave a stain on pillows?

No, the essence absorbs quickly into the scalp. It is also transparent in color.

I don’t have gray hair yet, but I’m interested in the other benefits this product provides. Can I use it?

Yes, this essence works to combat oxidative stress and help delay gray onset, so it can be used like a preventative to support overall hair health.