How To Do A Hair Detox


Start 2021 with a post-holiday hair cleanse ft. our Perfect Shine collection


While everyone else is busy hyping up the arrival of a new year (finally), we’re here to remind you that your hair needs some special treatment post-holidays. With a month of frantic gift-getting and festivities behind us, now’s the time for a detox. And we’re not just talking about stocking up on fruits and veggies after a season of champagne, and holiday cookies—although that helps! By updating your hair routine with a few new products, your hair and hair color will start to feel better almost immediately. Treat your scalp and strands now with our Perfect Shine collection and you’ll reap the benefits for the rest of winter. Happy cleansing.

Step 1: Switch Up Your Daily Routine

Because the key to perfect hair is how you treat it on a regular basis, your post-holiday detox should start with a light and nourishing shampoo and conditioner duo. Swap your in-shower routine for our Perfect Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. They have powerful antioxidants to reduce damage and hyaluronic acid for intense moisture, plus platinum fibers and pearl extract for shine. Most importantly, they’re lightweight and offer protection against future environmental damage.

Step 2: Put Away Your Hot Tools

Although you deserve an award if you don’t leave your house and are still using a curling or flat iron, now’s not the time to be a hero. Your hair needs a break from all kinds of heat, including your blow dryer. Think of it like dry January, except we’ll call it cold January. Instead, let your hair air dry. Try braids or buns, or even our Volume Texture Mist to switch things up. No heat, all style.

Step 3: Do A Deep Clean

As you ease out of the holiday rush, give your hair a proper deep clean once a week with our Perfect Shine Clarifying Scalp Scrub. The formula (a bestseller) clears product build-up and exfoliates your scalp with gentle sugar crystals. It also has probiotic sake water to balance your skin’s pH and ultra-hydrating Hyaluronic Acid for shine. Reviewers love it because it foams so it’s easy to use in the shower without wasting a ton of product. 

Step 4: Add Moisture 

Last but not least, to achieve healthy hair after the holidays you need a heavy dose of the good stuff; moisture. From now until the end of the month at least, set a goal to use something like our Perfect Shine Oil Mist after every shower. Spray it on while your hair is damp or dry—it’s very light and will enhance your color by adding instant light-reflecting shine. It also has a powerful blend of antioxidants, plant oils, and butters that give you protective moisture, super-powered nutrients, and soften your hair so it’s easy to brush and style.


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