Mane Addicts: 9 Launches We Love this Spring

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If you’ve been cooped up in the house and feel like you’re staring at the same walls and the same products day in and out, these launches might be just what you need to refresh your routine and boost your spirits.

We’ve rounded up the best new haircare products to hit shelves this spring so you can switch it up easily. In particular, we’re loving Lunata’s cordless curler, and a 420 friendly wash set–other highlights include a heat defense spray, for when we can go into the sun again and to guard against all the unnecessary boredom-induced flat ironing we’ve been doing, a shine spray for natural and curly hair, a clean dry shampoo, and a soothing scalp tonic. These launches are all you need to escape real life for a bit and remember the beauty of spring.

Naturelab Tokyo Eco-Friendly Refills

We jump at the chance to become more sustainable, which is why we’re so excited about NATURELAB. TOKYO’s refill pouches, which use uses 85% less plastic than 2 full-size bottles, equaling way less waste.

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