Andrew Fitzsimons

Celebrity Hair Stylist

NatureLab Brand Ambassador


"For nearly a year, NatureLab products have been a staple in my kit. I love that the products are designed to keep the scalp healthy and that everything is cruelty-free-this is important to a lot of my clients."

Perfect Repair Collection

"I fell in love with these products when I started using them, personally after bleaching my hair last summer. They're super nourishing and I now recommend them to any of my clients who are concerned about damage or who have chemically treated their hair... which these days is most of us!! Also, I literally had a houseguest steal these from my bathroom - so you know they're good!"

Perfect Volume Blowout Jelly

"A lot of the styles I do require a base of a voluminous blowout. I've been so impressed with the Perfect Volume Jelly, which gives you amazing lift and body without a hint of crunch or stiffness."

Andrew Fitzsimmons

Perfect Shine Oil Mist

"I love the look of shiny, glass-like hair - there's nothing more luxurious! I finish almost every look with the Shine Oil Mist to give the style a beautiful sheen. It's so lightweight that it doesn't weigh the hair down at all."

Andrew Fitzsimmons

Perfect Volume Texture Mist

"Texture sprays can be tricky - too stiff, too crunchy, too drying - but not this one! The Perfect Volume texture Mist allows me to give my clients great long-lasting pricey texture, which can be worn as an everyday look or with a red carpet gown. I also love that this product has heat protection, so I can use it pre-blow dry to enhance the overall look."

Andrew Fitzsimmons

Perfect Smooth Hair Oil

"I'm using oil everyday on pretty much every client without fail. I love the Perfect Smooth Oil because it's incredibly light, so even though it gives amazing moisture and shine, it doesn't weigh the hair down. This has been my go-to product for creating red carpet wet looks!"

Andrew Fitzsimmons