5 Cool Fall Hairstyles We Can’t Wait To Try

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Try one of these trendy hairstyles for fall.
For some, the arrival of fall means cozy sweaters, football, and pumpkin flavored everything. For us, it's all about the arrival of new and trending hairstyles. By the time the leaves change, we’re ready to drop those summery beach waves and try something a little bolder. To help you keep you transition to fall fashion, we’ve rounded up five fall-ready hairstyles that will make prepping for your seasonal plans (or non-plans) a whole lot easier.

1. A Cool Warm Red

If your blonde locks are in desperate need of a bleach break, cool them off with this trendy strawberry red. The color is natural looking and will brighten light eyes and fair skin tones. Red goes well with darker fall clothing, bold burgundy-colored lips, and homemade mulled wine. You’re welcome.

2. A Sleek Lob (Long Bob)

Reasons one through one hundred to cut your hair short are: it’s easier! Seriously. Really, really easy. If you’re still working from home and keeping your social engagements to a minimum, now's the time to embrace shorter hair in the name of low-maintenance. Plus, it’ll move better and grow healthier. To get it sleek and smooth, try our nutrient-rich Smooth Hair Oil.

3. A Half Up Top Knot

Perfect for working out or looking like you work out, the half-up top knot is key because it works for most hair types and all hair lengths. Kind of like the old business in the front party in the back motto, the half up top knot it will keep the hair out of your face but can be dressed up with relaxed waves or a stylish crunchy. Stylist bonus points for not hiding all of your fresh fall color job. 

4. Bangs! Layers! Bangs!

Against all odds, bangs are actually trending this fall. They’re an easy way to change up your look without doing too much and they’re a cool way to jazz up long layers that don’t require regular maintenance. We’re obsessed with pairing natural hair with bangs. Just don’t forget to stock up on dry shampoo.

5. Long and Braided 

Maybe you haven’t been to the salon in months? We get it. Things are a little..weird right now. The good news is, long, natural hair is in for fall! Grown out roots and everything. To hide and heal a summer-longs worth of damage smooth your hair into a braid with a leave-in conditioner or your favorite hair mask. This style puts your face forward, so don’t forget to style with a swipe of shadow, a bold lip, or a moody turtleneck.

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