Allure: The Best Hair Masks and Deep Conditioners Under $20

Posted by NatureLab Tokyo on

NatureLab's Perfect Repair Treatment Masque uses stem cells from bamboo, argan oil, and prickly pear oil to nourish your hair whether it's damaged from color-treating or chemical processes. Fitzsimons (who is an ambassador for the brand) swears by this mask and says he likes using it as a styling product. "I'll apply it to damp hair and style it into place, almost like a gel, but it's repairing my hair throughout the day." For regular use, he recommends applying to clean, conditioned hair for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing. "It'll leave your hair smoother, softer, shinier, and in better health."

Try: NatureLab Repair Treatment Masque, $16

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