Easy Protective Hairstyles

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Our hair goes through a lot of wear and tear every day—we’re constantly running our hands through it, blow drying, or using straighteners and curling irons. And when we think of trying a new hairstyle, it’s often because there’s a special occasion around the corner. But, there are many styles that are actually good for protecting hair—while also making it look pretty. It’s a great idea to change things up, both for your look and the health of your hair. Here we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite protective hairstyles for those days when you want to give your locks a much-deserved break. 


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Braided Bun

A beautiful combination of two protective styles, the braided bun is both easy to create and beautiful to look at. You can achieve this style several different ways, but we like to start by putting our hair into a mid-pony, braiding the ends, and then wraping them around the hair tie into a bun. If you have French-braiding skills, you can start there and then finish off with the bun. 

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Bantu Knots

This ‘90s throwback is such a fun look! Take pieces of hair and twist them around until they start to twist around themselves. Make a tiny bun with each piece around the head and secure. 

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Low Ponytail

One of the simplest ways to put your hair back (and keep it out of your face) is with a low ponytail. Make sure it’s loose—a tight pony can actually lead to breakage. Tie a ribbon around it for some extra style pints. 

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Smooth Chignon

This popular red carpet style is such an elegant look, you’d never think it’s one of the best ways to protect fragile strands and split ends from more damage. Start by taking two small pieces of hair from each side of your head, bring them together and secure with a hair tie. Then take the rest of your hair and tuck it up and over the hair tie. 

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Half Bun

A great everyday look, this one’s casual-cool all the way. To create, take about half your hair and gather just below the crown of your head. Make a little bun or knot and secure with a hair tie. 

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