Hairstyles You Can Take From Day To Date Night This Valentine’s Day

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Whether it’s a romantic dinner with someone special, a group date with your besties, or a solo trip to your favorite taco spot, Valentine’s Day is all about love — and there’s no reason not to celebrate. If you have February 14th marked on your calendar this year, spice things up with a trendy hairstyle. Even better if it’s one that will transition from work or school to whatever the night brings. Below we share some of our latest date night hair obsession and spill the details on how to get them, with advice from experts. Happy hearting!

image: @lauren_nicolle

Flirty Ponytail

A sleek ponytail will keep your hair out of your face throughout everything you have in the day, and still look great for your plans at night. Use Shine Oil Mist and a brush to make sure strands smooth and glossy then finish with Volume Texture Mist on the ends. Scrunch with your hands to give the ends some beachy texture and pair with killer earrings.

image: @chelseatrevor

Natural Texture 

We know the struggle of waking up early enough to style your hair (sometimes you just can’t). If that’s you, just run with your beautiful natural texture. Grab some dryer sheets and stash them in your purse to keep frizz at bay all day long, and carry a travel-sized Smooth Hair Oil too to apply on your ends and any other areas that might need a little extra shine and smoothing.

image: @desiperkins

Loose Waves

How amazing are these easy-to-achieve loose waves? Start by applying Volume Blowout Jelly to damp hair, then tie your hair up in two or three braids (which you can wear all day long if you want). Then, when it’s time to switch it up, take out the braids and use your fingers to comb and separate the waves. Spritz on a little bit of Volume Texture Mist and Bam! — curls all night long.

image: @dilansabah

Smooth Blowout

A smooth blowout is always chic —and it doesn't take as long as you think to perfect. If you’re showering after the the gym or a hectic day you need a refresh from, apply our smoothing, heat-protectant Smooth Blowout Lotion after on damp hair. Use a round brush (and low heat) to blow dry and finish with spray to lock it.

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