How to Get Perfect Beach Waves


The ideal beach wave is a thing of beauty—just the right amount of volume, beautiful dimension, no frizz. The look is universally flattering, can be done on hair of (almost) any length, and appears effortless—even though it can take a bit of work to get the desired look. Here, we’ve broken down how to get the perfect beach waves. And if you’re looking for an almost-as-good no-heat strategy, we’ve got that too. 


Start by letting hair air-dry, so you can leverage some of its natural movement and body.

Step 2:

Make sure to add a heat protectant. Our Perfect Volume Texture Mist is our personal go-to, as it protects from thermal damage while also adding texture and helping hold curl. 

Step 3:

For loose beach waves, use a larger barrel curling iron (we like 1 ¼ in). Make sure it’s on high heat, grab a section of hair 1-2 inches thick and hold it around the curling iron for a few seconds. Continue around the head until all hair is curled. If you want a messier, more laidback look, experiment with curling less pieces at the back of the head or varying the size of each section of hair. 

Step 4:

Finish it off with our Perfect Shine Oil Mist to highlight the waves and enjoy all-day luster.

One great thing about beach waves is that they can last for days. When you get to day two or three, just add some dry shampoo at the roots and reshape any lackluster pieces with your fingers. 

Overnight Waves

If you’re trying to limit your heat exposure this summer, here’s a no-heat option. In our experience, the look isn’t quite as dramatic, but it’s a good option when you’re short on time or want to stay away from the curling iron. After washing hair, spritz with Our Perfect Volume Texture Mist and let hair air-dry. Before going to sleep make two braids, one on each side of the head, and fasten with hair ties. In the morning, undo the braids and just run the blow drier through hair quickly for a little added volume.

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