How to self-care from home

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If 2020 is feeling as tricky for you as it is for us, we’d like to extend to you a few helpful resources to filtering out the noise. In times of tension it’s important to evaluate your self-care routine (or establish one if you don’t have one!) to ensure you’re addressing the needs of your emotional and mental well-being. From staying up-to-date on factual information, to just knowing when to turn in for the night, here are our tips on how to manage anxiety and care for yourself from home:

Sleep: Getting enough sleep is essential to stress management. Coupled with maintaining a balanced diet, and staying active, these steps can really help to improve your overall mood, help to reduce stress levels and even boost your immune system.

Check in with loved ones: Even though you might not be able to spend time with friends and family face-to-face, be sure to still stay in contact with them through texting, phone calls, or video chat! It can be hard to navigate this difficult situation while being separated from the people you love, but using other methods of communication can be helpful and make you feel less isolated.

Try something new: If there’s a skill you’ve always wanted to pick up but haven’t had time, now is a great time to try it! There are tons of free online tutorials for almost anything you can imagine, so whether you’re interested in art, yoga, cooking, photography, makeup, or something else, search it up, see what comes up, and learn something new!

Treat yourself: It could be time to indulge in something relaxing. Bring the spa into your home with a scented candle, face mask, or hair mask (℅ NatureLab Repair Treatment Mask)! Sometimes the best way to feel calm and rejuvenated is just to give our hard-working bodies a break, surround ourselves with comforting scents, and unwind!

Monitor Information Sources: Make sure you are getting reliable, correct information-- there’s a lot of inaccurate, sensationalized information out there, that can often lead to unnecessary stress and even panic. For reliable information on the developing COVID-19 pandemic, be sure to look to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) websites.

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