Meet Our Female Founder, Rosa Takagi

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A Tribute to National Women's Equality Day


In the beauty industry, there are endless examples of inspiring women who’ve changed the game with innovative products and passion-driven brand missions. On National Women’s Equality Day, which takes place on August 26th, we think about the power of these women’s stories and specifically about our own female founder, Rosa Takagi. 

Rosa built NatureLab out of an appreciation for Japanese beauty rituals, art and nature. She imagined products, like our Botanical Stem Cell infused shampoo and conditioners and Eco-friendly Refill pouches, that existed in harmony with nature, science and sustainability and embraced cutting edge ingredients and technology. After hiring a team of creative-thinking scientists and cosmetic chemists, she set out to realize her dream; a curated line of innovative haircare, formulated on the premise that healthy hair starts at the scalp. 

Many years later, Rosa and the NatureLab Tokyo team (hi! that’s us!) harnessed breakthrough botanical technology to unlock active, nutrient-rich plant stem cells proven to repair and maintain scalp health, improve follicle strength and promote growth at the cellular level. Today, we have an amazing line of affordable, award-winning products that feature powerful botanical ingredients like stem cells from apple, bamboo, argan and grape, pearl extract, and quinoa protein. We like to say that NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Haircare is nature’s ultimate haircare hack —eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and packed with everything that’s good for your hair and nothing that isn’t. What’s more inspiring than that?

Learn more about our product collections here, and if you haven’t already, shop our award-winning Perfect Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner.

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