Scalp Care Is The New Self-Care

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Celebrate National Relaxation Day with our Clarifying Scalp Scrub—the perfect in-shower spa treatment for all hair types.

Just like the importance of a healthy mindset, a healthy, stress-free scalp is the foundation for your happiest hair. To celebrate National Relaxation Day, find your zen and reset your scalp with our 3-in-1 Clarifying Scalp Scrub. The experience is like a five star spa treatment—and you never even have to leave your house!

The Benefits Of Exfoliating Your Scalp

On a daily basis, your hair and scalp are exposed to a lot of irritating products and environmental stressors which can lead to dry hair, itchy scalp, hair breakage, and slowed hair growth. To kick product buildup, weekly use of a scalp scrub like our Clarifying Scalp Scrub will help your hair find the balance it needs to grow healthy and strong. Made with gentle exfoliating sugar crystals, probiotic sake water to balance your scalp’s pH, and ultra-hydrating Hyaluronic Acid for shine, the benefits of Clarifying Scalp Scrub will rival your favorite salon treatment.

How To Treat Your Scalp To A Spa Day

Ready to clear your mind (and scalp)? Once a week, in place of your favorite NatureLab shampoo, massage a scoopful of Clarifying Scalp Scrub directly onto your scalp while your hair is wet. Using your fingertips and small circular motions, you’ll notice how easily our foaming scrub lathers to cover your hair and scalp and remove flaking skin and product build-up. Even better, our plant-powered formula has a refreshingly light scent with notes of violet and almond. The aroma will calm your senses and remind you of a far-away five star spa. Rinse gently, and follow with your favorite NatureLab conditioner.

To grab our Shine Clarifying Scalp Scrub and other self-care favorites on our site here.

Happy relaxing!

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