Spotlight: Brands We Love With Eco-Friendly Refills


These great products come in good for the earth packaging. 
As each year plastic fills our oceans and landfills at an alarming rate, more and more brands in the beauty industry have stepped up to lessen their impact on the environment. Single-use containers, for starters, are a big issue––and one that can be partially avoided with the availability of jumbo-size refills. Below are some of the brands we love whose products are available in environmentally friendly refills. Us included!

Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash One Gallon Refill
You don’t have to be a hippie to love Bathing Culture body wash. It’s certified organic is, biodegradable, and pretty concentrated. All you need is a drop. Ingredients and aromas include coconut oil, cedar grove, olive oil, aloe vera, and shea butter. And yes, their one gallon jug means never, ever running out.

Public Goods Moisturizer Refill
Public Goods’ vegan everyday moisturizer is mild and nourishing and perfect for sensitive skin. You can use it morning and night and never get tired of the smell or how smooth your skin feels. It even works like a charm under makeup. Also: the price is crazy good at just $22 for 34 oz.
Diptyque Velvet Hand Lotion Refill

You don’t have to be bougie to fall in love with the hand lotion. The refill is fairly affordable when you consider it’s a luxury perfume brand and allows you to fill up your Velvet Hand Lotion reusable glass bottle (which is really, really cute). The lotion itself has floral water and sesame oil to smooth, repair, and protect hands exposed to external elements. 
Blueland Hand Soap Tablets
If remembering to wash your hands is the one good thing you’ll take out of 2020, have it be with Blueland’s hand soap tablets. One tablet makes 9 oz of cleaner in their reusable bottle. Just mix with water and start washing! The soap has a light floral scent and effectively washes away harmful bacteria and viruses without antibacterial agents or unnecessary plastic.
NatureLab's Shampoo and Conditioner Refill Pouches
All of our shampoos and conditioners are available in our new eco-friendly Perfect Refill shampoo and conditioner refill pouches. Made from 20% post consumer (recycled) plastic, they contain two regular sized bottles (680 ml) of shampoo or conditioner. Plus, the refillable pouch itself contains 85% less plastic than two regular bottles. To use, simply pour the product from the refill pouches into an empty NatureLab bottle then replace your dispenser pump.

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