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We’re very excited to introduce our newest line of products, the Perfect Texture Collection—making its debut later this month. We have been working on this project diligently, carefully developing clean formulations that work wonders on textured hair of all kinds.The line includes a nourishing shampoo, richly moisturizing conditioner, lightweight leave-in conditioner, defining curl cream, and elongating wave cream.  For curly girls everywhere, your soon-to-be new favorite frizz-fighting, curl-activating, color-protecting products will help you get the hair of your dreams. Here’s a little sneak peek into what makes the Perfect Texture Collection so special. 


Key Benefits

It’s no secret that textured hair tends to be drier and more delicate than other types. Because of this, it needs to be cared for in a different way. The Perfect Texture Collection was formulated to specifically address the unique needs of textured hair through the four pillars of strengthening, hydrating, curl defining, and color protecting. 

Strengthening: strands are fortified to increase elasticity and reduce breakage.

Hydrating: hair and scalp are moisturized for smoother, frizz-free strands.

Curl activating: flexible film formers activate and define natural curls without adding extra weight.

Color protection: protects against color wash out and fading from environmental damage. 

Key Ingredients

A product is only as good as the components from which it is crafted. We strongly believe in the power of plant botanicals and use them abundantly in all of our products. Here are some of the superstars that make the Perfect Texture Collection so effective.


Alpine Rose Stem Cells: a natural adaptogen known for its ability to retain moisture in harsh environments. 

Camellia Oil: a Japanese native rich in Omega 9 and known for its ability to retain moisture.

Lychee: a rich source of Vitamin C to support overall scalp health. 

Green Sea Grapes: revitalizes hair and delivers hydration while reducing water loss. 

Blue Algae: protects against environmental aggressors to strengthen brittle hair. 


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